Damnation Alley Distillery, LLC was established in 2011 by Alison DeWolfe, Jeremy Gotsch, Jessica Gotsch, Alex Thurston and Emma Thurston.  

The idea for the distillery started years earlier, however. 

Having been an avid home brewer for close to a decade, Alex’s interest moved toward distilling.  When he ran out of books to read, he decided to take a class with Dr. Kris Berglund at Christian CARL Distilling School held at Michigan Brewing Company in conjunction with Michigan State.

Upon his return, Alex discussed with his wife, Emma and they decided to seriously start developing the idea for the distillery. 

The idea was a daunting one but Alex and Emma thought to enlist some co-conspiritors.

So, after dozens of late night discussions, Emma’s sister, Jessica and her husband, Jeremy decided to join the cause. Friend, Alison DeWolfe also joined on, the brainstorming started and the plan to start small was hatched. 

When we say small, we mean SMALL small. So small that we don’t think there’s an adjective to describe us - Micro-distillery? Nano-distillery? Pico-Distillery? Think smaller.

Our small size means we don't have to make huge batches of everything we try. We can experiment and have fun distilling special orders.  

We can work with different grains, produce, fruits, and herbs from farms solely in Massachusetts. 

We can work in a space close to home which is perfect for our idea of selling directly to our customers.

Our company philosophy reflects our personal philosophies regarding local food and farms, heirloom varieties of ingredients, sustainable practices, and above all – all these things make for a great product.